Additional Services

Be sure that our web hosting company has plans and extra addon services to fit anyone's needs - starting with a small independent blogger or an SMB in a low-populated area and all the way to top-vloggers, big e-commerce online stores and big online communities!

SSL/HTTPS Certificates

An additional SSL certificate will make it easier for e-commerce businesses online to sell!

SSD Storage

A faster storing option for basically any business, it’s meant for more advanced online projects!

Cloud Hosting

With the cloud computing on the rise, the bigger projects will take good advantage of cloud web hosting!

24/7 Phone Support

Whenever you will need either of our technical support agents to help, we will be ready!

Latest news

The “Free Domain” Gimmick

If there's one play in the book which almost all web hosting provider companies tend to overuse, that must be this one - a free domain gimmick. But as it commonly goes in our understanding, sing it is truly as easy as it gets......

Separate Domain and Hosting

One thing that people seem to miss on a real big scale, is that having A as your website's hosting provider does not limit you to purchase the domain with A as well. You just as well might purchase one with the company...

Read That Disk space Terms

Unless you're setting up a website just for you and your 2 penpals and all the content that this website will ever have will be text entries, then you need to take a real close look at those bandwidth and disk space terms.

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