Our team

Damien Kaschzmarek

Damien is one of the co-founders. He manages all the processes at our firm.

Derek Zoolander

Derek, just as Damien, is a Wall Street operative, with the incredibly insightful skills and knowledge.

Tom Marvolo

Tom is also one of our 3 co-founders. He manages all bookkeeping and fiscal matters.

Jennifer Whoapez

Jennifer works the longest of all non-founding managers. She brought more SMB accounts in than anybody else.

Lily Granger

While Lily works here only 10 years, her efficiency allowed us to name her a Senior manager by now…

Timothy Dumbledore

What Timothy does to company, is what our clients call “fiscal magic”. He is an accomplished pro.

Lionel Hollande

Lionel used to work at Credit Suisse bank, but left it due to his stance on fiscal clarity. Now he is our top investments expert.

Craig Ferguson

Craig worked for BP office in Scotland for 15 years, where he succeeded in turning the local office around in the ’90s.

Diane Mist

With a top degree and practical business experience of 29 years, Diane is our senior M&A manager advisor.

Andrew Cuomo

Andrew is one of our best experts in strategic business planning, which he proves every day.

Ben Edwards

While Ben is our youngest employee, at his age of 25 he already manages our Coca-Cola and Bank of America accounts.

Chris Cripsie

Chris is a New Jersey native, who created his business from the ground up but recently retired to being an advisor…